Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye's lip locking scene in the rain attracted quite a lot of stares. Although this was not the only kiss the duo shared in the drama, however, many felt that the scene was not filmed in good taste.

In a recent wrap up interview of Doctors, the actor himself relayed that the canoodling scene was not required, and tagged it as a big mistake. When asked to elaborate, Rae Won said: "It was a mistake. I think the song [playing in the scene] wasn't very good. There also wasn't a lot of time to film."

"It wasn't my fault. The director told us to believe him, but at the finale party, he confessed it was a mistake," he shared. The so-called passionate kiss between Hong Ji Hong and Yoo Hye Jun aired on July 5, in the 6th episode.

Meanwhile, the Punch actor also talked about the shooting viewership graph and how Olympics season affected the ratings. He said: "I knew that ratings would come out well because it was airing during the Olympic season." Apparently, the viewers are mostly glued to the TV and non-Olympic shows also benefit from it. He further added: "I talked over things a lot with the director, even suggesting that we combine two episodes worth of content into one episode if I felt that the story's development felt too spread out and loose."