Kissing scenes are a no big deal for actors Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo Joo feels that the webtoon inspired drama is loaded with lip-caresses

Actor Lee Jong Suk revealed that after attempting numerous lip locking scene with his beautiful co-star, Han Hyo Joo, he now feels desensitized. The duo, who is sharing the screen space for the first time, is being highly appreciated for their incredible chemistry in the newly incepted love fantasy drama 'W'.

In an interview to Section TV on 24 July, the 26 year old affirmed that there are quite a lot of skin ship and kissing scenes in the drama. He said, "There are lots of scenes with physical contact [between me and Han Hyo Joo]. Because we did [the kiss scenes] so often, I grew numb to them."

Furthermore, the 29 year old Cold Eyes actress also feels that the webtoon inspired drama is loaded with lip-caresses. "There are a lot of kiss scenes in the drama. Out of all that I've done up to this point, I think I've done the most kiss scenes [in this drama]. I feel like there'll be a high-ranking kiss scene out of all those," Hyo Joo expressed at the drama's press conference.

Meanwhile, Jong Suk also talked about his former 'School' co-star Kim Woo Bin. The actor stated that he does not like competing with his best friend, who is currently seen in Korean drama Uncontrollably Fond that airs in the same time slot as W. He shared: " We held the press conference for 'W' today and Kim Woo Bin texted me saying that I came out looking nice in the pictures [of articles]."

"We vowed to each other that whoever achieves greater success will not ignore the other person," Jong Suk expressed in great spirit.