Kishmel Eagar

Every brand and individual in today's time have made their presence on the digital domain. A simple reason behind it is the fact that the digital presence for any brand is important to sustain in the market in the long run. While there are many online experts in the market who claim to bring the brands one step closer to the audience with their marketing strategies. There is one notable name who needs no introduction. Kishmel Eagar is a digital marketing entrepreneur and with his social media skills has won the trust of many brands and influencers in a span of two years.

He is the founder of Entry Points Media, a leading agency which has given a strong digital presence to many brands and influencers. Before becoming an expert, he learnt social media algorithms on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and started serving to small-scale brands. One of the key aspects of any social media page to grow is the content. "Quality content always works over the numbers. I suggest every client of mine that they can create less content but a meaningful one", he said.

Besides this, speaking about the growth of Instagram influencers, Kishmel stated that influencer marketing is the key. According to him, influencer marketing is the main factor where his company networks with popular niche pages, influencers, celebrities, brands and public figures to promote them all over social media. Furthermore, when asked what works behind promoting a successful brand, Eager quoted, "It is the core value, passion and consistency that does the wonders. To make a page successful, first thing is to identify the target audience and then create content according to their preferences."

Not just this, Kishmel further emphasizes the importance of monetizing an Instagram or a Facebook page. While there are multiple ways one can make money by Instagram, it is not necessary that one must have thousands of followers to monetize a page. He suggests that one can pick up a niche and sell products with the right strategic ideas. "Instagram's DM feature must be used extensively to pitch clients. Give the clients best offers, do paid partnerships and let them know how they will be benefitted by it", he added. Besides online marketing, Kishmel Eagar is also a reputed name in the digital real estate sector.