Kishan Ramdihal Says His Stock Trading Experience Helped Excel in NFT Enterprise

Kishan Ramdihal

Blockchain has multiplied into several interesting offshoots of possibilities of the metaverse. NFTs are one of them. You create unique content, digitally tokenize it on the blockchain, and permanently secure ownership of the digital item. People view it not only as a creative venture but also as an investment prospect. The last couple of years saw a spike in NFT entrepreneurs coming from diverse backgrounds. Kishan Ramdihal is one of the promising movers in the NFT segment of the metaverse.

Kishan Ramdihal started his journey into the financial asset market by trading and investing in stock and shares. He started early when he was 18 and amassed a great wealth of experience in identifying bulls of the market. His ground-breaking research and assessment of Tesla stock and subsequent trading brought him the first milestone success. His successful stint propelled him to become an active moderator of the community server that specialized in trading and leveraging that for value-addition to his trader's network. He has been a firm believer in sharing knowledge for uplifting the community.

But then, NFT drew his attention when it was still in its infancy. Kishan saw a good business prospect in the NFT space leveraging the blockchain. When he joined the NFT drops on the Ethereum network, he simultaneously collaborated and networked with artists and creators. He is a passionate fan of NFTs on Ethereum. His financial acumen built on his past experience in stock trading and shoe reselling give him an extra edge in excelling in NFT marketplace. His skill and prowess in identifying financial assets prompted him to rise in rank as the leading moderator of a million-dollar NFT project. His expertise and understanding of the market provide a great deal of utility to the project's holders.

His next NFT project is Shenzo, which is in a developmental stage. As the head admin, Kishan leads team operation and community support around a series of events and collaboration for the project. Kishan says, "I am excited to open up the project to the public. The project will add enormous utility. My job is to ensure that creators and collectors mutually thrive and prosper in the project space."

Kishan Ramdihal is a successful NFT entrepreneur who began collecting NFTs on NiftyGateway, his initial NFT minting site. Subsequently, he plunged into curating other projects and brought value to the creators and collectors alike.