Kirill Korshikov and his project Social Dance TV uniting dancers across borders

Kirill Korshikov

Uniting people across countries, continents, and dance styles, Social Dance TV became a channel that manages to keep thousands of viewers connected to the dance community through social networks, helping dancers from all over the world to stay together. The owner and founder of Social Dance TV, Kirill Korshikov, rightly stated: " In 2014 social dancing was represented on social media not as widely as today. The idea came to me to create an Instagram video channel to unite people like myself, who could spend hours consuming that kind of content."

That's why he decided to create a channel for social dance videos only and on January 13th, 2015, Social Dance TV started its existence on Instagram. He was 25 at the time.
Kirill, a Russian entrepreneur, and videographer born in Rostov-on-Don, also emphasized that: "Our mission is to capture the "magic moment" of dance dialogue and the flow of partner dancing and share it worldwide through social media.

I had done a lot of filming for many years, including shooting several dance movies and tons of wedding videos, so it came naturally to me. Plus, I have been a dancer since the age of four, so it was easy to fit into the social dance community,"

He was a videographer for such renowned events as the Euro Dance Festival in Germany (with around 10,000 dancers), and the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, with more than 5,000 participants.

Since then, SDTV has grown into a production studio with recruited staff and films up to 50 festivals every year all over the world.

"We have been to 36 countries. Working in the dance industry, we support dancers and event organizers who labor in the dance industry both full-time and part-time, joining our efforts in the creation of a thriving community of social dance companions. We promote online classes, we do live airs, we volunteer for a charity and we make trends. A video dance channel can influence the opinions of a wide audience of dancers worldwide and help them stay in contact with each other."- said Kirill Korshikov.

In March 2020, Social Dance TV channel took up the initiative to conduct a charity festival online on Facebook. More than 100,000 people participated in this live-streamed salsa and bachata festival.

They also organized several online classes with famous dancers to gather donations to medical centers. The proceeds from both ventures were sent as donations to the countries affected by the pandemic. "Social Dance TV aims to enhance the dancing community as a beautiful, strong, varied and united world", says Kirill Korshikov.

When asked how he churns out such great videos, Kirill tells us his secret: "When I am filming at a party, I think of myself as a dancer, I feel myself a part of the flow. The only difference is I watch through the camera. A couple of dance is the most exciting way for people to communicate, and I never tire of watching this. The most thrilling experience to me is to capture that wonder for those who missed it."