Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny Opens to Solid Viewership Ratings; Episode 2 Spoilers

Park Si Hoo starrer drama Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny also received mixed reviews from Korean drama lovers worldwide after its premiere on Sunday, May 17.

Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny premiered with a solid viewership rating of 3.8 per cent on Sunday, May 17. The historical fantasy thriller began with the introduction of actress Go Sung Hee as Princess Lee Bong Ryeon and actor Park Shi Hoo as government employee Choi Chun Joong. Then, the mini-series took viewers through a flashback sequence of the onscreen couple.

In the flashback sequence, The Man BLK member Kang Tae Woo is introduced as young Chun Joong, who is an intelligent and talented son of a nobleman. The sequence also introduced Memorist actress Hong Seung Hee as the younger version of Bong Ryeon. She was introduced as the daughter of Shaman Ban Dal.

The Friendship Between Choi Chun Joong and Lee Bong Ryeon

Chun Joong and Bong Ryeon met each other on a busy street while the former was celebrating his achievement in a public exam. When they met for the second time, Bong Ryeon was in trouble because of Chun Joong's friend Chae In Kyu. He rescued her from a group of evil men, who were harassing her badly.

During their third meeting, Chun Joong was in need of help and Bong Ryeon reached out to him. After the meeting, they became close friends and started spending some time together on a daily basis. Eventually, their friendship turned into a romantic relationship and they started dreaming about their bright future.

Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny
Character posters of TV Chosun's new drama Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny. Facebook/ TV Chosun

Introduction of a Villainous Character

Things took an unexpected turn for the onscreen couple after In Kyu came to know about their relationship. He created a plot against Bong Ryeon and it trapped the female lead with her mother. Sung Hee's character tried her best to help her mother, but Finance Minister Kim Byeong Woon had no plans to release her. In fact, he threatened to kill Ban Dal and Bong Ryeon was forced to open up about her special talent to the minister.

When the minister came to know that the young girl can predict the fortune of people around her, he abducted her and kept her in captivity. Right after the incident, the strange truth about the female lead was revealed to viewers of Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny. She was the child of King Cheoljong.

The King decided to keep her near him and asked the Minister of Finance to take care of her. He used the opportunity to change his future. Gradually, he became very rich and started getting involved in some illegal activities. While he was busy with one such activity, Bong Ryeon met Chun Joong again after five years. It remains to be seen what lies ahead for the onscreen couple in the upcoming weeks.

Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny Episode 2 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny
A still from Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny episode 2. YouTube/Screenshot

The historical fantasy thriller will be back with a new episode on TV Chosun Sunday, May 24, at 10.50 p.m. KST and it will continue to follow the onscreen couple. The promo for episode 2 has teased troubled moments and viewers will have to watch the second episode to know how their future changes with time.

The mini-series did not receive rave reviews from Korean drama lovers worldwide after the telecast of its first episode. While some viewers praised the story, a few others complained about its length and inappropriate plot.

"I had high expectations for this drama, but now I don't know. I'm not feeling it. Even how they just started dating. It was just so sudden but I guess I should go back and watch again," a viewer tweeted.

Another viewer wrote, "Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny has 24 episodes which air on Sundays only. So, we are going to be watching this drama for a period of five months."

"This drama should be included in a must-watch list," a follower of the historical fantasy thriller stated.

Watch the promo of Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 below: