KinggKongRecords - New Generation Music Mogul In Making

Peter Coissy

First of all, a Mogul is a person who creates a huge influence, wealth, or power in the respective fields they are in. Some of the most influential moguls have been Sylvia Robinson, Simon Cowell, Scooter Braun, etc. But each one of them started somewhere, and this is exactly what Peter Coissy is onto to achieve in the field of music today.

Peter Coissy is an executive producer who started his business last year. He knew that he had been in love with music since he was a child. Music has always come naturally to him. Music has helped him with the adversity he has faced growing up, this is why Peter's connection with music became the reason for his business when he started.

When Peter was younger, people would bully him by the name King Kong. But he took this name in a motivating way and that's when he started his records by the name of Kinggkong Records. He wanted to embrace this name and the thought that he is King Kong who could protect his jungle and his tribe. Peter is someone who wants to look out for others because he knows what it feels to be like on your own when there's no one to look out for you. Hence, this name made perfect sense to him. His single is releasing on August 27 with Pooh Sheisty and his new artist Yung Booz. He plans on releasing another single with Big 30 and Yung Booz this year.

Peter Coissy lost his mom when he was five. So the obstacles in his life were innumerable. He just had a little hope left, with a lot of doubt, in himself. With this, insecurity slipped in and he spent most of his life depressed. But despite all of this, he chose faith and the will to strive all alone. He knew the biggest secret of one's life is to create their happiness by themselves. There is no point in leaving your happiness in someone else's hand and expecting them to create it. The golden key to live this life is to know your happiness and create it.

With that, he also has some great lessons to teach. One thing that he loves about his work is that he's able to be a reason that someone out there in this world feels like somebody. He loves that he can create a spark and change in their lives. He wants to stop people from finding validation from other people. He wants people to learn how to love themselves the right way. He wants to make a bold statement because he believes in himself and the fact that he is different from anyone.

Peter's purpose in life is to retrain young minds. He wants to be out there in the world and introduce so that he can inspire people from his story and his music every day.