King The Land Star Lee Junho Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Commenter; Court Fines Perpatrater

South Korean actor Lee Junho, who portrays young businessman Gu Won in the JTBC drama King The Land, took legal action against a malicious commenter. The perpetrator has been spreading false information about the actor, who is a member of the K-pop boyband 2PM. His agency, JYP Entertainment, filed a complaint against the people who posted reckless comments about the artist.

The malicious commenter, who spread false information against the actor, has been fined by the Seoul Western District Court. The court fined the perpetrator three million won (approximately USD 2343.46) for spreading false information about the 2PM member. The Seoul Western District Court charged the person with violation Information Network Act and the Information Protection Act for writing posts that seriously undermined Lee Junho's personality.

"The accused was discontented with the victim (Lee Jun Ho) and posted untrue content on online communities several times. The accused defamed the victim by publicly stating false facts through the information network to slander the victim," the court said.

Lee Junho
2PM member Lee Junho. Instagram/Lee Junho

'To Take Stronger Measures'

Following the court verdict, JYP Entertainment released an official statement announcing the results of the legal action it took against a malicious commenter. According to the entertainment agency, it will take stronger measures against people spreading false information about artists and writing content that affect their personality.

The firm shared that it will strengthen the monitoring route and work with law firms to take legal action against the perpetrators. It then thanked the fans for their love and support for the artists. The agency then stated that it would prioritize protecting the artists' rights and interests in the future.

Here is the Complete Statement by JYP Entertainment: