The King: Eternal Monarch spoilers: Lee Min Ho may have to pay for his trust in Woo Do Hwan

The production team has spilled some new details about Woo Do Hwan's character in the upcoming historical fantasy thriller 'The King: Eternal Monarch'.

Lee Min Ho-Kim Go Eun starrer SBS drama 'The King: Eternal Monarch' is less than a month away from its premiere and Hwa&Dam Pictures has released some new details about the show. While sharing some information about cast member Woo Do Hwan's performance, the production team disclosed some details about his character's relationship with Lee Min Ho's character.

In the historical fantasy thriller, the young actor of Mad Dog fame will be appearing in two roles – as the emperor's bodyguard Jo Young and as a public service worker named Jo Eun Seob. Till now, Korean drama lovers were under the impression that his character would be playing a protagonist in the mini-series. But the production team recently teased about his appearance as the main antagonist in the story.

While praising the actor for his acting skills and his unique facial features, Hwa&Dam Pictures revealed that the character will be simultaneously showing his good and evil sides in the drama. The production team further said his acting abilities lent a a magical charm to the character he is portraying in the show.

"Woo Do Hwan has unique facial features that can show both good and evil. With that, alongside his acting abilities, he's a prism-like actor that can portray a full spectrum of colors in acting. Please look forward to his magical charms as Jo Young in 'The King: Eternal Monarch," Soompi quoted a source from the production team as saying.

Character posters of Woo Do Hwan

The production team also released the character posters of Woo Do Hwan. In the four photos unveiled on March 19, the cast member can be seen immersed in the story. He looks like a bold and efficient bodyguard in all the four promotional images.

Meanwhile, Woo Do Hwan opened up about the mini-series and his role in it. The actor said everything about this mini-series, including the story and the characters, are amazing. He also said he believes that it is an honour to be a part of such projects and he is very happy about it.

The King: Eternal Monarch

"Filming has been really comfortable because Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun are taking such good care of me. I'm doing my best to communicate a lot with the writer, director, and the staff members on set in order to create an even better final product," the cast member added.

The King: Eternal Monarch is expected to premiere on SBS on April 17 and it is one of the highly anticipated Korean dramas set to premiere this year. Apart from being the comeback drama of its lead cast members -- Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun - the mini-series also attracted drama lovers with its unique storyline.

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