King Charles III Will Last Only 7 Years on Throne, Will Step Down to Avoid Spending Millions on State Funeral: Psychic

The newly crowned King Charles III will only last a mere seven years on the throne before abdicating the crown to son Prince William, a psychic has said.

King Charles III

John Hughes, an astrologist and psychic, believes King Charles III is drowning under the weight of the crown. "I think he's struggling. King Charles is worried about the future, one million per cent it's going through his mind whether he can do the job," he told Birmingham Live.

Hughes, who runs his own psychic company We Are Namaste as a Clairvoyant, inherited the ability to talk to the dead and predict the future from his grandmother. He made the latest predictions by lighting incense and playing music whilst looking at King Charles III's picture. The psychic doesn't work for financial gain. Hughes says he donates the money he makes whilst offering people the chance to contact their departed loved ones to charity.

Psychic John Hughes
John Hughes, an astrologist and psychic, believes King Charles III is drowning under the weight of the crown. Twitter

The Prediction

Hughes thinks Charles will realize that he wants to abdicate for the simple reason that he doesn't want to waste millions of pounds on a state funeral again. "I know that Charles will not be able to fulfil his mother's boots. It's too much of a big job so he will restructure the Royal Family and put a young King in." The psychic added that William will take over the role within the next seven years. "I know the Queen couldn't abdicate because she couldn't walk away from the trauma she went through a lot with Prince Andrew and Princess Diana."

In regards to Prince Harry, Hughes sees a rocky road ahead. "I see Meghan and Harry splitting up within the next two years, I see something going on there. I see Harry coming back to the fold. When that happens, Charles will re-select his position within the Royal Family."

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William walked side by side behind the Queen's coffin Twitter

Jemima Packington, the world's only Asparamancer, has also made a similar prediction. She earlier said that King Charles III will hand over the title to Prince William next year. The fortune teller, earlier this year, foresaw the Queen's death when spears of the asparagus formed the shape of a broken crown. Packington also believes that Princess Anne will become the Duchess of Edinburgh.