Is King Charles III Humiliating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Speculations After Couple 'Uninvited' to State Reception Hosted by New King

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have been in the limelight since their return to London following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, were subjected to further humiliation as the couple was uninvited for the pre-funeral reception at the Buckingham Palace. The state reception, which would be attended by world leaders and foreign royals, is being hosted by King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were uninvited from the event hosted by King Charles III. Twitter

Couple Uninvited For Being Non-Working Royals

As per the reports, more than 500 heads of state and dignitaries have been invited to the VIP reception which is being organized on the eve of the departed queen's funeral. With the Royal family being in mourning, the dress code for the event is lounge suits. The reception is being organized in the Picture Gallery and State Rooms of the Buckingham Palace.

The Telegraph reported that the couple, who initially received an invite to the event, have now been informed that only working British royals are welcome. Sources told the outlet that the withdrawal of the invitation has left the couple baffled.

The pair raised eyebrows during their public appearances as part of the funeral ceremonies. They were accused of breaching the protocol for holding hands and displaying their affection during the monarch's procession.

Social Media Reacts

Even though their has been no official response regarding the withdrawal of the invitation, the social media users are blaming King Charles III for humiliating the couple.

"BREAKING: King Charles has uninvited Harry and Meghan to a state reception on Sunday at Buckingham Palace, just in case you were in any doubt what a dreadful father he is," wrote a Twitter user.

"I just read that at the last moment, Harry and Meghan were sent notice that they were UNINVITED to the pre funeral reception, that is messed up. My God, why is Charles humiliating them? I would hope that Harry and Meghan pack up and come home. They've been humiliated and abused!" opined another.

"If this is true, the yo-yo actions from the new king and the palace towards Harry and Meghan are childish and petty. Stop it. Stop the leaking. Call off the media attacks. No wonder King Charles III got booed! The world is watching" tweeted a user.

"I'm surprise that Harry and Meghan was invited to the event anyway. Maybe Charles did it on purpose so he can Uninvited them. He just want to punish his son," claimed another.