King Charles Had Affair with Sue Townsend While Married to Camilla - Biography

A biography on King Charles III, Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of Improbable Life has revealed that he had a very brief fling with a lady named Sue Townsend. The book was written before he took the reins of the throne after the passing away of Queen Elizabeth.

Sue, an entrepreneur, was single at that time. She is said to have met Charles when she was working at his Duchy Originals organic food business. Their relationship lasted for two months just before his controversial and much publicized divorce from then wife Princess Diana.

Sue Confirms the Affair

About being romantically involved with Charles, Sue told Sally Bedell Smith, the biographer, "I don't think we'll go down the road, really. I used to spend quite a bit of time with the Prince, so there we are. I don't think I'll go into it. I don't mind if you write that. Yes, we were close, but it was a long time ago."

King Charles

Royal insiders revealed that Camilla became infuriated when she heard about the Charles and Sue, who was much younger and prettier Camilla look-alike, relationship. She felt humiliated and enraged, and absolutely incensed. The insiders claimed that Charles tried to play it off as a casual friendship, but Camilla would have none of it. "Camilla didn't believe a word and hammered her fists on his chest before storming out." The insider described this incident as "quite a sight".

However, the Buckingham Palace did not make any comments about this affair. But royal watchers took advantage of this saying that Camilla got a taste of her own medicine.

Camilla Hated Sue

Camilla took a bitter hatred towards Sue and now may be boiling over in rage as Sue and Charles affair, which was a long time ago, is once again making headlines. She had felt very much betrayed and bitter. But then it settled and Charles stuck to Camilla and now he is King.