King of beauty David Wongk is doing amazing things in the skin care industry

 David Wongk

It takes lots of efforts, innovation and devotion to make a dream come true and the same is the story of a young man from Atlanta, US called David Wongk. He is based in the US and is an owner of two skin and hair care companies. He started his career working as a mechanic and pilot in one of the leading engineering companies. But he always knew that he had one thing to do in his life to do something extraordinary that can make him a living inspiration for many and he proved his worth. He left his job to start his own Skin Care company called Pure Tropix.

However, the first few months, he started his venture without leaving the job to test the water in the market and he was successful in it. He was able to generate a revenue of 100K USD in the first sixth month, which made him realise that he can do great guns in this business. He then left his job to focus on his newly formed company dealing with skin and hair care products. Interestingly, the earning he made in the first sixth month was merely selling over the platform of Instagram handle. Yes, you heard it right.

Now, with his exceptional entrepreneurship skills, he was able to develop a big time company not just one but also established another called Luxuria Elixir dealing with similar products. Now, his earnings have been stable in his company where he earns more than 50K USD per month taking the current sales up to 200K USD in the previous few months. He was also featured in several magazines like Allure, Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair and GQ to name a few. While he was also bagged a few awards for this feat. THis is just his start and he has to go a long way in his career.

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