Kim Young Kwang says romance with Soo Ae 'was happening too quickly'

The two worked together in the show, Sweet Stranger and Me.

Kim Young Kwang
Kim Young Kwang and Soo Ae worked together in The Man Who Lives in Our House Instagram/aksakfn12

Kim Young Kwang has opened up about his chemistry with Soo Ae. The two worked together in the show, Sweet Stranger and Me, also known as the Man Who Lives in Our House.

During an interview, the 29-year-old South Korean actor gushed about his co-star. He said: "There were many times Lee Soo Hyuk and I were confused because we have not often played the leads. Whenever that happened, Soo Ae was there for us, which we liked. We were impressed multiple times by her acting. She acted in a direction that I had not thought of at all. I really liked watching her."

Adding on, Kwang also opened up about the intimate scenes. He said: "They were really hard. I would have taken the lead if she were my age or younger, saying stuff like, 'Let's do it like this, let's do it like that,' but she was my senior, so it was hard for me to bring up the kiss scenes first. That's how we got past the first one, but starting with the second kiss scene, we did so without prior talk."

"Actually, it was thought on set that the romance was happening too quickly. We wondered if we had to work on the other relationships with the people around us more, so we were surprised to hear that the viewers' reactions were more positive. I think our timing in our thoughts did not match up," he added.