Kim Yoo Jung suffered shock attack after severe criticism for bad attitude

Kim Yoo Jung suffers shock attack and is admitted to the hospital.

Kim Yoo Jung
Kim Yoo Jung is admitted to the hospital after shock attack. Pinterest

It is for the second time in this week that the South Korean actress and model Kim Yoo Jung got hospitalised. The actress' agency revealed she has been taken to the medical faculty after having an unexpected shock attack.

The entertainment agency, SidusHQ specified that the actress' condition and announced: "Kim Yoo Jung was showing signs of stress induced shock last night (December 26th) and was rushed to the hospital. She is currently hospitalized and in a very bad condition to continue with her activities. We are currently unable to make any decisions regarding her future activities."

Its been reported by KoreaBoo that the actress was anxious due to the growing controversy surrounding her behaviour on stage during an event of movie promotion. Last week, the actress was heavily criticised for her onstage behaviour while she was promoting her film Because I Love You.

During the event, the actress was photographed looking at her hands and nail, paying no attention to the promotional event. As the nail picking photographs, a gesture considered rude in Korean culture, circulated she gathered more criticisms from haters calling it a 'bad attitude'.

She was also seen leaning on one leg which was deemed ill-mannered. However Kim Yoo Jung's agency later apologised for the event and stated that the actress reflected on her attitude that has sparked the high flamed controversy.

The agency SidusHQ: "Kim Yoo Jung is aware of the problem that is being discussed online and is regretting that her actions have caused such controversy and that she has disappointed fans who have always trusted her. The company will do it's best to never let such an incident repeat itself. We bow our head and apologize for causing everyone discomfort and worry."

Earlier this week the actress was hospitalised after suffering from a severe flu and this is her second trip to the hospital. With heated controversies and haters continuously criticising the actress over social media, it seems that the young model is deeply shaken by the venomous words of the critics.

This article was first published on December 27, 2016