Kim Yoo Jung reveals her criterion for choosing roles

Actress Kim Yoo Jung says she is more interested in clothes and fashion than in beauty and makeup.

Kim Yoo-jung
Actress Kim Yoo-jung.

'Love in the Moonlight' actress Kim Yoo-jung is only 17 and already she is ranked as the eighth on the Forbes Korea Power celebrity list. In a recent interview the actress has given a glimpse into her personality and what she looks for in a role she is considering.

As noted by website Soompi, Kim Yoo-jung was recently in New York. She gave an interview to fashion magazine Cosmopolitan and also shot a pictorial in the city for them. The pictures and the full interview can be found in the October issue of Cosmopolitan as well as in the magazine's official website.

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Regarding her choosing a role, Yoo-jung said, "In the past, I'd confer with my mom when choosing a role. Now I still ask her for advice but it's mostly my decision. There have been times when I receive a script and get so absorbed in reading it that the pages fly by. I look for projects like that when I make a decision."

Kim Yoo-jung made her acting debut when she was only four years old and quickly became a very popular child actress in South Korea. However, it was in 2012 when she appeared in the MBC fantasy-period drama 'Moon Embracing the Sun' that saw her popularity rise. Her first adult leading role was in the 2016 historical drama 'Love in the Moonlight,' where she starred opposite Park Bo-gum. She has also taken part in theatre, namely 'Chorus of Angels' in 2008 and Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible,' this year.

Kim Yoo-jung also revealed that she isn't much bothered about makeup and beauty, but clothing and fashion do interest her. "When I work, I'm a perfectionist, but since I'm still young I don't have a lot of interest in beauty stuff. I pay so little attention to makeup that sometimes I get scolded by my mom. But I find trying to maintain my image all the time to be tiring. Even if I get a scar on my face, I'll just leave it until it heals on its own."

The actress also revealed her plans after finishing high school, saying, "I only have two months left in my high school life and I want to end it well. If I have time, I'd like to get my driver's license. I want to do all the things you can only do in your teens."

Kim Yoo-jung also recently renewed her contract with SidusHQ.

This article was first published on September 22, 2017