Kim Woo Bin's Instagram account is a fake, his agency Sidus HQ clarifies

According to reports, the model-actor only has a Weibo account.

Kim Woo-bin
Actor Kim Woo-bin.김우빈

A photo of Kim Woo-bin was recently uploaded on Instagram by a user claiming to be the actor himself. His agency has revealed it is a fake account.

As noted by website Soompi, on June 25, an Instagram user pretending to be Kim Woo-bin uploaded, what appeared to be a recent photo of the actor with the tags "#Retreat #hollow." Woo-bin has been suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer.

After the photo was posted, multiple media sites began reporting that the picture showed Kim Woo-bin in his current state of health, battling his ailment. Shortly however, the actor's agency, Sidus HQ, released a statement saying that Woo-bin did not have an Instagram account.

As reported by website Allkpop, it was the fans who first realised the photo uploaded was not a recent picture and that the actor had no Instagram account. This became a sensitive issue with Kim Woo-bin's fans because the actor is currently unwell.

Sidus HQ also revealed, "Kim Woo-bin has a Weibo account, but no Instagram account. We requested multiple times for the Instagram to be taken down, but they have not responded."

Kim Woo-bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in May, this year. His agency had released an official statement on May 24 that mentioned, "While carrying out his various schedules, Kim Woo-bin felt abnormalities in his body and visited a hospital, being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Fortunately, it is still in its early stages, so he has begun receiving drug treatment and radiation therapy."

The agency continued, "He plans on focusing on his treatment for now before greeting you with a recovered, healthy image, so please wish for his speedy convalescence. We are currently in the stages of adjusting his previously made schedules. We ask for your numerous cheers and encouragements. Thank you."

Dr. Jung Yoo-seok of the National Cancer Center had revealed that the chances of recovery of a patient suffering from this rare cancer depends on which stage the disease is diagnosed and treated.

"When caught in the primary or secondary stage you can expect 70% chance of full recovery and in the 3rd or 4th stage the chance of recovery increases depending on how healthy the patient is," the doctor had said.

Actor Shin Min-ah, his girlfriend, had also stated through her agency that she will be helping him through his treatment. She has since been seen numerous times, accompanying Kim Woo-bin to the hospital for the treatment.

As noted by Soompi, an industry insider had stated, "Many inside the hospital have said that they can't help but send the couple their encouragement and support because the two are always seen smiling even in the midst of a very difficult situation."

Here's wishing Kim Woo-bin all the best for his recovery process.

This article was first published on June 26, 2017