Kim Woo Bin in 'Uncontrollably Fond'
Kim Woo Bin in 'Uncontrollably Fond' KBS

Korean actor Kim Woo Bin revealed that he is "doing okay" after being afflicted with nasopharyngeal cancer in May.

The 28-year-old actor updated his medical condition to fellow actor Hong Jong Hyun after the two talked on the phone.

Hong Jong Hyun celebrated his tenth anniversary and during an interview, he talked about Kim Woo Bin and said he was shocked when he found he had cancer.

"I was really shocked at first. I knew his body wasn't well but didn't realize it was to that extent. As of right now, I know that he has been doing a lot better; he'll be okay soon," he said.

Last May, Kim Woo Bin's agency Sidus HQ, announced that he had cancer which shocked fans and colleagues. He immediately underwent radiation therapy to treat the disease.

Hong Jong Hyun added, "It isn't hard to keep in touch to see how he is doing. I was sorry because I couldn't contact him even after finding out about it. He must be having a more difficult time than anyone else and you can only imagine just how many called him to ask if he's doing okay."

"I thought that asking that question itself would give him stress. I sent him a text message after some time when his name stopped popping up everywhere on the internet. We conversed about some stuff and he called me after a while to say that he's doing okay," he said.

Kim Woo Bin, who starred in dramas such as "The Heirs" and "Uncontrollably Fond," did not tell his parents immediately that he was sick and tried to delay treatment so as not to affect the filming of his movie "Wiretap." Last August, he underwent his first round of chemotherapy and lost 10 kgs.

Hong Jong Hyun said, "I'm cheering him on and I hope he gets healthy soon so we can work together again."