Kim Tae Hee reveals the adorable way Rain proposed to her

Kim Tae Hee revealed Rain proposed her on the wedding day.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee
Rain and Kim Tae Hee will be tying the knot this February. Pinterest

Kim Tae Hee and Rain have opened up about their reasons behind the simple and private wedding in an exclusive interview with Sports Seoul. They also unveiled how Rain proposed, and how their married life is like.

The couple got married in January and are back from their honeymoon in Bali. Although they were a well-known couple and fans knew that they are dating for a pretty long time, they hardly talked about their relationship in the media.

Kim Tae Hee explained what they had in mind when they planned their wedding and why they stuck to the idea of having a simple wedding. Kim revealed: "We discussed many ideas on how to announce our wedding since last year. There were two plans. We could announce it to the media and invite everyone that we knew to a large-scale wedding, or we could hold a top secret wedding and reveal the photos afterwards. When we thought about it, the economy was suffering, so we didn't want to hold a luxurious wedding given the current state of affairs. We finally made a decision after much contemplation."

Kim Tae Hee opted for a mini dress instead of a gown on her wedding day which she designed it herself. It gained a lot of praise and her make-up artist Jeong Saem Mul said: "Her dress shone so brightly, even though there wasn't a single diamond or jewel embedded in it."

When Kim was asked how Rain had proposed to her, Kim Tae Hee smiled and said: "I was proposed to on the day of my wedding. At the banquet reception, [Rain] sang 'The Best Present' for me. That was his proposal."

Reportedly, Kim Tae Hee and Rain are living with Rain's father's family. Kim Tae Hee also revealed how her daily life changed ever since she got married. She said: "Some of the things I've revealed have often been misinterpreted. Since we're living with my father-in-law's family, I'm cautious in revealing this information because people might ask me, 'Aren't you suffering by living with your in-laws?' But my father-in-law is a very generous man. We are planning to stay at their home until we can find our own newlywed home. I like it."

This article was first published on February 6, 2017