Kim Tae Hee and Rain: More revealed on first meeting, wedding details and honeymoon

Kim Tae Hee and Rain for the first time met while shooting a commercial for Coupang in 2011

Rain and Kim Tae Hee
Rain and Kim Tae Hee will be tying the knot this February. Pinterest

Popular couple Kim Tae Hee and Rain surprised their fans by getting married last week. KBS Entertainment Weekly revealed that the newly wed couple started dating after filming for a commercial together.

The Entertainment Weekly aired a special segment dedicating it to the newlywed power couple. It was in this segment that they revealed Kim Tae Hee and Rain for the first time met while shooting a commercial for Coupang in 2011. Although they had a very good chemistry no one really knew that the two would end up marrying.

According to the reports Kim Tae Hee's wedding dress created a buzz as she chose a knee-length dress with a veil instead of a gown. It was later known that the actress with a degree in Fashion Design from Seoul National University was herself involved in designing the dress. In fact the idea was hers, it was just tailored accordingly.

According to Koreaboo, an insider about the choice of her dress said: "She didn't want to go for an outlandish look. She chose to wear a mini-dress with simple design that anyone could wear. She did this out of the fact she didn't want to wear something ostentatious and expensive just because it was celebrity wedding. She felt that the entire country was going through a tough time and she didn't want the public to feel like they lived in a different world."

The Hallyu Newlyweds chose Bali for their honeymoon and both their agencies confirmed it with an official statement saying: "Jung Ji Hoon (Rain's actual name) and Kim Tae Hee, who tied the knot with many people's blessings on January 19, will be setting off for Bali for their honeymoon on January 22."

"With much attention and blessings from the public, the couple smoothly completed their wedding Mass ceremony, and will be enjoying their time together in Indonesia's Bali over a 5-day honeymoon,. it continued.

This article was first published on January 23, 2017