Kim Soo Ro
Kim Soo Ro expressed his disappointed over some recent hidden camera prank incident Facebook/Kim Soo Ro

South Korean actor Kim Soo Ro is reportedly upset over a hidden camera prank incident. The 46-year-old actor took to his Instagram account, and expressed his anger on the incident.

Soo Ro who was on an important overseas trip, had to go back to Seoul, because of the hidden camera prank. In a now deleted post, he stated: "Even though it's a hidden camera for TV, you have to understand the situation before pulling the hidden camera [prank]. I think the hidden camera is crossing the line by too far when you ask someone who's overseas for business to rush back to Seoul."

"Even though broadcasts pursue what's fun, it makes me really mad in a situation like this. I'm really angry that I had to sacrifice a lot and returned [to Seoul]. I felt severe disappoint today, and felt disappointment from the people around me. Soo Ro, you lived so desperately," he added.

Soo Ro himself was a part of South Korean variety program, Going to School that aired on JTBC. During an episode in 2015, Kangnam and Soo Ro decided to play a prank on San E by pretending to fight.

Kangnam pretended to pack his things, and leave, and San E responded: "Yo, man. What are you doing, man?"

Soo Ro attempted to fight with Kangnam and says: "I'm going to shave your head."

Kangnam responded: "Cut it then. Should I get you scissors?"

San E eventually tells Kangnam in English: "You know that it's different here in Korea right? You have to respect elders. You know that, right? Just spend the night ,and it'll all be good."

Later San E realized the prank and laughed off at the situation.