Real movie
Kim Soo Hyun (left) and Sulli in "Real" KOBIS / Cove Pictures

Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun and former girl group f(x) member Sulli are the talk of the town nowadays because of their sex scene in the R-rated movie "Real".

Before the movie was released on June 28, Sulli was the subject of numerous articles about her decision to bare in "Real."
Asked how did his sex scene with Sulli go, Kim Soo Hyun said they both prepared for it.
"I met her for the first time while making this movie. I didn't know what kind of voice she has or how she acts. Then I met her and she is very passionate. She was easy to talk to and work with as she is a type of person who asks things that she's curious about on the spot," he told Korea JoongAng Daily.
He added, "To film the most intimidating scene, we both put a lot of effort into controlling what we eat. When the day of filming came, we both were putting lots of energy onto our abdominal muscles [to look better] so we couldn't breathe well or read the lines loudly."
In the movie, Sulli went topless in their sex scene, which is now making rounds on social media after moviegoers illegally filmed it inside theaters and posted it online. The company behind "Real" has asked the police to investigate the leak.
In six days, the film has earned $2.48 million in South Korea but its revenue share has shrunk to 9.8 percent compared to 30 percent on opening day, based on statistics from the Korean Film Council.
Kim Soo Hyun said he decided to make the movie because "the fact that I play two roles was interesting."
"I thought I would be so happy to see all the expressions I do all together later on. What I wanted was to bring out everything I have felt, studied, and done in the movie. I think this movie could be that one," he said.
Many Korean viewers have a negative assessment of the film but Kim Soo Hyun said the sex scene has clouded the true story.
"After the screening event, I have looked for many reviews. I think the movie is in the process of getting to people. I think the real door to the movie has not yet opened," he explained. "Many things still have not been discovered, and many more that were hidden will come out as time goes by. At first the real charm of the movie doesn't show because it is behind all the scenes that are [for adults], but after those scenes lose their power, the other charms will rise."