Kim So Yeon opens up about her first date with Lee Sang Woo

Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo has made some interesting revelations about their relationship.

The new in love pair, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo are rejoicing their current coupling status. Both the actors met on the sets of their family drama, Happy Home, and fell in love with each other. The duo opened about their relationship last week.

Although it's not been so long, the pair already has an idea of how their perfect date looks like. So Yeon recently revealed that both of them went on a cute date to an amusement park lately. Revealing the details, she said: "We put on sunglasses and masks and got on the rides and even visited the zoo. It was the middle of the work week so there weren't that many people so no one recognized us. Lee Sang Woo likes to eat delicious foods so we went around eating delicious foods. That's how we're slowly developing our love [for each other]."

On how their love blossomed on the sets, the actress asserted that the feelings were mutual and infatuation happened considering similarity in their respective natures: "Truthfully, we knew that we felt a certain way about each other around the halfway point during the ['Happy Home'] filming," So Yeon revealed

"We are both introverted so we didn't show how we felt on set. And it wouldn't be appropriate. So we judged that it's only right to grow our relationship after the drama ends. The people around us worried about how shy and reserved we were especially because we acted as a couple for eight months," she said.