Kim So Hyun talks about kiss scenes with Taecyeon

Kim So Hyun had to shoot kiss scenes with Taecyeon on tvN's drama Hey Ghost, Let's fight.

South Korean actress Kim So Hyun has opened up about the intimate scenes with South Korean actor/singer Taecyeon on tvN's drama Hey Ghost, Let's fight. The 17-year-old model had to film kissing scenes with the 27-year-old rapper of the South Korean boy band 2PM.

So Hyun plays Kim Hyun Ji, who is a ghost. While Taecyeon portrays the character of an exorcist, Park Bong Pal.

In an interview with Star News, she said: "I didn't know there would be so many kiss scenes with Ok Taecyeon."

"In the beginning, the director said that there would either be no kiss scenes at all or just one or two, but we had as many as four," So Hyun added. "Taecyeon oppa worried a lot, saying, 'Sohyun, I hope I'm not provoking the outrage of her fans.'"

"Because the kiss scenes came out nicely and in a sweet context, I am satisfied with them. We didn't have NGs. Because I had good chemistry with Taecyeon oppa, we were able to complete filming in one take. I think there was maybe about one time I caused an NG because I laughed," she concluded.