Kim So Hyun spotted filming in water for 'Radio Romance' despite weather warnings: PD apologizes for the action

Kim So Hyun
Kim So Hyun Twitter

'Radio Romance', the upcoming KBS drama's lead actress Kim So Hyun has been reportedly spotted filming in water outdoors for the show.

The news has reached the netizens and they have lashed out at the production company for exposing the actress to the extremely cold outdoors.

The weather in South Korea has been quite chilly and has been experiencing arctic cold conditions this winter all over the country.This week itself, the country observed low temperature warnings from another arctic cold wave.

According to weather reports, today, Seoul, the capital of Korea is experiencing -10 degree Celsius presently.

In response to the abuzz caused by netizens regarding Kim So Hyun's oudoor shoot, the drama's PD released a statement during the press conference for the premiere of 'Radio Romance'.

The PD said,"Kim So Hyun's outdoor water filming wrapped up on Sunday. We debated on it a lot. Since she would be getting in the water. We ensured safety equipment nearby, as well as a camping car on set, and finished filming in the shortest amount of time possible."

The PD further added that because of time constraints, an action stunt double filmed other outdoor scenes the day before. The water scene wrapped up right after one take and they took safety precautions immediately.

They also apologized for causing concerns regarding this matter.

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'Radio Romance' starring Kim So Hyun and Yoo Doo Joo revolves around the romantic story between an aspiring RJ and a top actor who eventually team up for a live radio program.

Song Geu-Rim (Kim So Hyun) works as a program writer who grew up listening to the radio with her blind mother. Due to her emotional attachment to radio programs she decides to work in a radio station.

Gue-Rim loves working for the station but she is not as talented as she seems to be. For a successful radio show, she tries to get the superstar and top actor Ji Soo-Ho on her show.

Kim So Hyun gained lots of attention and love for her roles in "Who are you", "Hey Ghost, Let's Fight" and many more. Yoo Doon Joo had also acted in "Hey Ghost, Let's Fight"

'Radio Romance' will air on January 30 on KBS World. The drama will be shown at 22:00 KST on Mondays and Tuesdays every week.

This article was first published on January 25, 2018