Kim So Hyun reveals her desire to be someone's girlfriend

Kim So Hyun began her acting career as a child actress in 2006

Kim So Hyun is all ready to mingle. The young actress revealed that she is giving a serious thought on dating someone and be in love.

Although, the 17-year-old do not have much dating experience, however, she felt the need after she filmed love scenes with her Hey Ghost, Let's Fight co-star, Ok Taecyeon. During an interview with Star News, So Hyun relayed: "I'm not sure about now, but I think I need to date sometime."

She further explained: "There was a scene where I walked home holdings hands with Bong Pal. I was trying to let go of his hand quickly, but I couldn't because Taecyeon oppa was holding on to it. When Park Jun Hwa PDnim saw that, he said, 'I can so easily tell you don't have much experience in dating.' I guess I let go of his hand as if we were breaking up when people in love actually don't like saying goodbye."

So Hyun, who began her career as a child actress when she was seven years old, also opened about guy friends in her life. The actress disclosed that she do not have any male friend, neither in elementary school and nor in the industry. She told Soompi: "In elementary school, all I remember is fighting with boys. Through my work, I've ended up meeting oppas more often. As a result, I know how to approach oppas, but I continue to have no friends [that are guys]."

"I have the smallest age gap with Yeo Jin Goo oppa out of the oppas I've worked with thus far. But I don't have Yeo Jin Goo oppa's number either," she asserted.