Kim So Hyun is happy to be dropped out of school, has made a fortunate decion says the actress

Kim So Hyun does not regret her decision for not enrolling into high school after she began her acting career as a child actress in 2006

Kim So Hyun does not regret her decision for not enrolling into high school. The 17-year-old actress, who entered into the world of K-pop as a child artist in 2006, says that she is extremely fortunate and is thoroughly enjoying her position as an actress.

So Hyun. who announced her education hiatus in April last year, told Xport News : "I've never regretted my decision of not entering high school. I really did love meeting good friends in school, but it was difficult to simultaneously pursue acting and academics because I couldn't fully participate in class, but had to take all of the exams."

" I got embarrassed when I received poor grades. With that in consideration, I gave up entering high school thinking that instead of spending 3 years in high school, I could rather focus on acting and study when I have time," she added.

And for her decision, the pretty Hey Ghost, Lets Fight actress seemed quite content and confident: "To be honest, I wasn't sure of my decision back then. But fortunately, I was able to participate in good productions and am glad that everything is going well. I also don't feel the emptiness caused by not going to school because I am in school during a lot of my productions. I am making memories on set," she said.

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