Kim So Hyun faced tough times filming intimate scenes with Taecyeon

Hey Ghost, Lets Fight aired its last episode 30 August.

Kim So Hyun and 2PM's Ok Taecyeon made a cute looking couple in the recently culminated drama, Hey Ghost, Let's fight. While the audience went gaga over the pair's chemistry and love filled scenes, however, the actress recently revealed that the duo faced tough time filming romantic segments.

In a recent interview with Allkpop, the 17-year-old asserted that she would many a time ask the director on how to attempt the scene. The actress relayed: "At first, the aegyo was hard. Before filming the scene, I would even ask the director, 'How should I do this?' As expected, Taecyeon and Director Park Jun Hwa are also bad at handling sickeningly sweet things, so they had a harder time with the lovey dovey scenes than the action scenes."

So Hyun, who entered the k-pop industry as a child actress in 2006, also revealed that she researched on Taecyeon's previous roles and drama before starting with the shoot. She said: "Before entering 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight,' I looked up what productions Taecyeon had been in before, and he often did sincere and dark roles. That's why I wondered if [this role] would match him well, but he did go well with the refreshing, fun, and bright Park Bong Pal."

She continued: " He was able to show a sincere side. If he didn't have that side, the love line had to form anyway, but there might not have been an effect. Because he also has a manly side, he actually made me seem more feminine. Our chemistry was good, and that's why I'm grateful toward Taecyeon."

Hey Ghost, Lets Fight aired its last episode 30 August.

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