Kim So Hee talks about tough training days

Kim So Hee could not make it to final 11 of IOI.

Kim So Hee revealed she went through a tough time during her training days. The 21-year-old, who failed to make it into the final IOI girl band, stated that she fell apart after the unfortunate news.

During her interview with 'International bnt', the singer shared some insights into her initial days of training. So Hee said :"I was a trainee since a year ago. I prepared to debut under a different agency from Music Works, but that fell through. It was very hard for me when my chance to debut fell through. I started living apart from my family two years ago in Seoul in order to prepare to be a singer. I was a part-time worker as a waitress at a braised short ribs store, and I remember that it was really hot."

While the songstress was not able to make it to final 11 of IOI, So Hee became quite popular among the fans after her incredible performance with EXO's Call Me Baby. Sharing her views on her popularity and the ideal type, the singer told the magazine: "I was not popular with male students during my school days, but now, there are fans who support me, so I'm grateful. "

"Even when filming ends late at daybreak, they are people who wait for me and for whom I'm thankful. Somebody who has a good personality and works diligently like actor Kang Ha Neul is my ideal type. I want to see him in real life," she concluded.