Kim Shin Young weight loss: Comedian talks about losing popularity after transformation

Kim Shin Young was suffering from different ailments due to her weight.

Kim Shin Young has reportedly lost popularity due to her recent weight loss. However, the 32-year-old comedian is happy with her physical transformation.

During an episode of Ask Us Anything, Shin Young revealed how she was suffering from different ailments due to her weight. She said: "I gained health instead. I may have lost my 'character' through dieting but I do not regret losing weight. I was suffering from various illnesses back then so I went to the doctors. The doctor said to imagine how I will be after 10 years. He even said that I may not be in this world in 10 years and it completely shocked me. Even if I can turn back time, I would lose weight again."

This comes after Shin Young was rumoured tp be in a sex tape. During her radio show, Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope, she talked about the reports. She said: "The woman in the video is not me. I am being targeted by the video controversy. I received more than 16 video messages in the past 4 days. My name has been surfacing on the internet, and I also have seen the clip. I was wondering what it was since it was coming up when you search Kim Shin Young, and I watched it because I heard it was creating problems, but you know me... I do not have any reason to film such things. I am a lonely person."