Lee Chan Ho and Kim Sae Rom
Star chef Lee Chan Ho and wife Kim Sae Rom Instagram/moresy

Following the news of actress Kim Sae Rom and chef Lee Chan Oh's divorce, a video allegedly revealing more details about the split has been leaked.

Earlier, when the news of their separation surfaced, people speculated that it was due to the rumoured photographs of Lee Chan Oh with a woman (unidentified) who was seen on his lap at a restaurant, just a few months ago.

People thought the reason behind their split was Lee Chan Oh's infidelity. But, now the leaked video shows the other side of the story. It is now difficult to judge as who is the reason behind the 'split'.

The video which is going viral is allegedly showing Kim Sae Rom who is drunk and is physically abusing Lee Chan Oh. Kim Sae Rom is seen kicking him while he is on the ground and is trying to record the incident with his phone which is on his hand.

Reportedly, the date of the recording is before his alleged infidelity. According to the reports, she allegedly abused him physically whenever she drank.

Koreaboo stated: "The original source of the video also stated that this was not an isolated incident and that she physically abused him whenever she drank, which was quite often."

As the video surfaced, new speculations and causes behind the divorce of the former couple have come up. It is not known as to what is the truth.

The actress' agency without getting into details announced: "We're checking into it." It is yet to know whether it is Lee Chan Oh's infidelity or Kim Sae Rom's abusive nature which led to the divorce.