Kim Min Jae dishes about his experience from trainee to an actor

Kim Min Jae recently impressed everyone with his performance in Goblin

Kim Min Jae
Kim Min Jae has opened up about his acting career Facebook/officialKimMinJae

South Korean actor and rapper Kim Min Jae has opened up about his acting career. He recently impressed everyone with his performance in Goblin, in which he played the young king.

During an interview with Marie Claire, the 20-year-old actor was asked about his move from idol trainee to an actor. Min Jae said: "The trainee life can be suffocating, but I came upon a chance to receive acting lessons. It consisted of getting angry, crying, and cursing, and it was so fun. In reality, there's no way that situations in historical dramas can happen. But when I go to a filming set, it becomes reality. That's why I am able to have so many entertaining experiences. I thought, 'This is it'. My motivation for doing something is always whether it's fun or not. I was a trainee for 4 years, but I do not think those 4 years were wasted at all, and it was a time for me to find something else fun for me to do."

Min Jae revealed he is not taking vocal lessons at the moment. He said: "I got them when I was a trainee, I can't stand them now. I don't receive acting lessons either. It could be the wrong decision, but it opens the way for Kim Min Jae to choose and decide what to do. It's more fun to walk a dirt-road as Kim Min Jae than getting on some elite course. I couldn't find an answer in singing, dancing, or rapping so I thought I'd just chase after what's fun for me, and so that's why I'm currently not doing those things now."