Kim Min Hee penalised by cosmetic brand, demands compensation

As per reports, Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soo has shifted their base to USA

Actress Kim Min Hee is in a thick soup. The award winning star has been summoned by a well known cosmetic brand in lieu of her involvement with an already married director, Hong Sang-Soo.

As per reports, the cosmetic company is demanding a penalty from Hellcats actress for the beach of the contract. Min Hee was reportedly appointed as the brand ambassador of the world renowned cosmetic brand last year. She also did a promotional photo shoot with the brand few months back. However, the company did not use actress's pictures for their marketing gig fearing loss of goodwill due to Min Hee's adultery scandal, which broke in June.

In lieu of penalty, the cosmetic company is demanding a marketing setback compensation closer to the amount of contract from the actress. In order to avoid further chaos, Toggle reveals that Min Hee's family has already paid the penalty on behalf of the actress.

Meanwhile, it is been reported that the Hill of Freedom director and the Seoul-born actress have shifted their base to the United States after secretly getting married. However, Sang Soo's wife has refuted the rumors and stated that she has not yet divorced her husband, nor is he a greencard holder to prove his eligibility. "We don't have green cards. It's been twenty years since we gave [our rights to permanent residence benefits] up. My husband can't obtain a green card again. I don't plan to ever divorce him," she stated in a broadcast of Real Story Eye.