Kim Ki-duk releases official statement on alleged assault of Korean actress

The actress accused the Kim Ki-duk of hitting her and forcing her to do a sexual act for "Moebius."

Kim Ki Duk
Kim Ki-duk being interviewed on CJ E&M's "People Inside" Screenshot from CJ E&M video

Korean movie director Kim Ki-duk has released his official statement on allegations by an unnamed Korean actress who claimed that he hit her while shooting the film "Moebius" in 2013.

The actress accused the director, whose works include the award-winning films "Samaritan Girl," "Pieta" and "3-Iron," said he hit her and forced her to do a sexual act for "Moebius."

In response, Kim Ki-duk narrated how he met the actress.

"We (the actress and I) first started working on movies together in 1996 and have long been friendly. After I received an international prize, (the actress in question) asked to star in one of my films. After I received the Venice and Berlin director awards in 2004 she asked once again, so I offered her one of the two female roles in the 2005 film 'Time,' but she objected saying she was not satisfied with the role," he said in his statement.

Kim Ki-duk said that after he won the Golden Lion award for "Pieta" at the Venice Film Festival in 2012, "she asked to star in one of my films again and agreed to star in 'Moebius.'"

"After two shoots she unilaterally decided to give up starring in the film, and we could not get in touch with her after that. At the third shoot, we waited until 10 a.m. for her, but she did not come," he added, according to the Korea Herald.

Because she quit, they revised the script.

On the claim of violence, Kim Ki-duk narrated that "on the first day, the first shoot featured a husband and wife who were in an intense fight due to the husband's cellphone. It was four years ago so I do not remember well, but in my memory, I myself was in the scene and might have hit the actress while following the viewpoint or hit myself."

"This happened while I was demonstrating and explaining that this was the scene I wanted. It was around four years ago so I do not remember exactly. In any case, it was from a director's stance, a situation that occurred while concentrating to heighten the realism of the film. Many crew members were watching and no personal feelings were involved," he said.

He said that if a crew member will provide testimony on what happened, he will "take responsibility for my actions."

"Aside from the part about violence, the rest I believe is a misunderstanding that arose from my efforts to do my best (to depict) the scene in the scenario from a director's position. In any case, I am truly sorry toward the actress who was hurt by the incident," the director said.

He added, "But she had said she would do her best in any role and asked twice to star (in one of my films) and made the difficult decision to star (in one). I wanted to make a good film together, but it is regrettable that the situation has turned out this way."

"Lastly I hope there are no misunderstandings surrounding Korean film crew members and actors who make truly high quality films. I am so sorry (for the distraction) to the crew members who participated in the upcoming 'The Time of Humans,'" he concluded.