Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to welcome 4th baby?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and singer Kanye West at Met Gala 2016 Reuters

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly expecting a fourth baby via a surrogate. The baby boy is due in May.

According to US Weekly, the 38-year-old reality star and the 41-year-old rapper, used the same surrogate who carried their daughter Chicago. She was born on 15 January 2018, weighing 7lbs 6oz and Kim who was in the delivery room was reportedly the first person to have skin-to-skin contact with her, The Sun reported at that time.

The celebrity power couple, who have been together since 2014, are also parents to North, 5 and Saint, three.

Kim, who suffered from placenta accreta − a potentially life-threatening condition which sees parts of the placenta grow too deeply into the uterine wall − during her two pregnancies had talked about expanding her brood.

During an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, her friend Larsa Pippen asked, "How did you get so lucky with all your kids? They're all so good."

Kim replied: "Kanye wants to have more. He's been harassing me. He wants like seven. He's like stuck on seven."

She added: " I've been kinda hesitant about having more kids because it literally keeps me up at night, thinking about how my kids will survive in a crazy world like this."

Meanwhile, Kim had previously talked about her experience using a surrogate to Elle magazine. She said: "The control is hard at the beginning. Once you let that go, it's the best experience. I would recommend surrogacy for anybody."

"My home and my heart feel really full right now, in the best way," she said, revealing that four would be her limit.

"I don't think I could handle more than that. My time is spread really thin. And I think it's important that in all couples, the mom gives the husband as much attention as the kids," she went on.

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