Kim Kardashian furious with Blac Chyna for posing nude for Paper magazine?

Blac Chyna showed off her baby bump on the cover of Paper magazine.

A celebrity gossip website is claiming that Kim Kardashian is not happy with Blac Chyna's naked photo on the cover of Paper Magazine. Kanye West's wife had bared her backside for the same publication's Winter 2014 issue. You can click here to see the magazine cover.

An alleged source told Radar Online: "Kris Jenner set this up for Blac and some of the other family members just thought this was disturbing."

"Kim was furious when she saw this and for good reason," the insider said. "She wanted to be the only one in her family to have the cover of Paper magazine naked."

"There were a lot of other magazines that were begging to get Blac Chyna naked and pregnant on the cover! Some of the Kardashians really think that Blac picked Paper to make Kim angry, and it worked," the source continued. "But Kim blamed Kris for this and rightfully so. Blac has been milking this pregnancy for all it is worth, and she is already working with Kris on a plan of attack for after the baby is born."

However, Paper magazine's managing editor Abby Schreiber has a different story to tell. She told E! Online that Kardashian came to the Los Angeles set to show her support for Chyna.

"Kim actually came by the shoot, which was really nice to see her giving encouragement to Chyna and talking to her," she said. "Kim came on set that day in L.A. and hung out for a little while. They were chatting."

"It's kind of funny that Kim actually turned up and low and behold her magazine was on the table," she added.