Kim Junsu explains why thought he's not good-looking

Kim Junsu is currently working on the band's fan meet entitled "2016 Kim Jaejoong & Kim Junsu MEMBERSHIP WEEK"

JYJ's Kim Junsu interacted with fans on a special airing of Junsu's Private Life via mobile app HeyoTV. The singer surprisingly came in a school kid avtaar, donning an adorable school uniform. The former TVXQ member was reportedly dressed to oblige the requests from his well-wishers.

Many Junsu fans joined the interactive session and asked questions to their favourite idol. When asked to throw some light on his school time sweetheart, the 29-year-old replied: "I was never in a relationship in my school days. In high school, my popularity declined. Which isn't to say that I tried hard to look good in middle school. It's just that I didn't wash my clothes or was busy playing soccer," he chuckled.

Furthermore, Junsu also dished out details of his growing popularity in school. He said although he didn't consider himself as the handsomest of all, kids used to treat him like a star, because of his trainee status. "There were many students who were better-looking than I was. But at the time, I was nearly treated like a star just because of the fact that I was a trainee at one of the big three agencies," Junsu added.

"I would dance and sing a lot in Goyang City, and I would even go to other schools' festivals to perform so that's how I became popular. It wasn't just because I was handsome. I definitely can't acknowledge your compliments that I'm good-looking. I just think I'm average-looking," the singer - songwriter revealed.

Kim Junsu is currently working on the band's fan meet titled "2016 Kim Jaejoong & Kim Junsu EMBERSHIP WEEK" which is scheduled to take place during September 9-11 at the Coex Hall in Gangnam, Seoul.