Kim Jong-un's 'SECRET DAUGHTER' Caught On Camera; Kim Ju-ae Seen Performing On Stage With Other Children (WATCH)

North Korean leader Kim Jong un's daughter is seen on state TV for the first time. The face of Kim's only daughter was pictured during North Korea's National Day celebrations earlier this month.

She is reportedly identified as Kim Ju-ae, who was performing on the stage with other children on a song for Kim Jong-un and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, but something about her, in particular, stood out to experts.

Kim Jong un's secret daughter Kim Ju-ae
Kim Jong un's secret daughter Kim Ju-ae Twitter

The Girl Is Identified As Kim Ju-ae

Writing under the alias Samhero, one analyst on the 'InDPRK' blog noted how Ri Sol-ju reaches for this particular girl at the end of the show. She places her hand on the child's back and is seen talking to her personally, only breaking off when she needs to move another girl out of her husband's path, according to Telegraph.

During the performance, when other children jump with excitement and huddle around the North Korean dictator, the girl appears to be normal and calmer. She grabs another girl's arm to hold her back as she follows Kim too closely.

Camera Continued To Focus On Kim Ju-ae

Other clues were also highlighted by the analyst as the camera started focusing on her as she started to sing. Also, the camera continued to focus on her again and again endorsing the claim that she could be the daughter of a prominent figure.

Her appearance stands out too – she is the only girl wearing her hair down, and the only one donning white socks. Furthermore, the Kims themselves seem very invested in the performance – at one point the camera cuts directly from the beaming first family to a close-up of the girl, according to Daily Mail.

Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo-jong is also seen at times wiping away tears. Some have also pointed out that the girl performed on the stage only in the presence of Kim and missed her performance the following night when Kim didn't attend the program.

Kim's daughter would be of a similar age to the girl in question, according to Michael Madden, an expert on the North Korean elite. Kim's daughter could be nearly 10 years of age in 2022 which is about the same age as the girl being seen in the state media clip.

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