Kim Jong Un Sick? Bandage on Head Fuels Fresh Rumors on North Korean Dictator's Health

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un appeared with a dark spot as well as a bandage at the back of his head during public activities last week. The mysterious head bandage that appears like a large plaster has fueled fresh rumors about the dictator's health.

Kim Was Spotted with an Oblong Bandage on the Right Side of the Back of His Head

The dark spot was visible during a military event Kim attended from July 24 to July 27. It was also seen in footage of war veterans' conference and related events held from July 27 to July 29, according to NK News site.

Footage of a military conference held in Pyongyang from July 27 to 29 - but released on August 3 - shows the leader with a big plaster as he addresses the crowd, reported the Daily Mirror. In a further clip of the recent state TV broadcast, Jong-un was seen with the apparent wound uncovered.

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un has been seen with a mysterious head bandage like a large plaster, sparking fresh health concerns Twitter

The Cause or Nature of the Dark Green Spot is Difficult to Diagnose Using Only Images

The cause or the nature of the large, dark green spot or bruise on the rear right side of his head which was covered with a bandage is still unknown, says NK News.

NK News said that there were no signs of the mark in previous public appearance at a politburo meeting on June 29 and photos released of Kim at an appearance with musicians on July 11 did not show the back of this head.

Official video footage of Kim throughout last week's events seemed to avoid broadcasting the head spot but state media also released images from those events that clearly showed a bandage there.

This is Not the First Time there has Been Speculation about Kim's Health

His health is tracked closely by the international community since it is thought to be an indicator about his grip over the country's regime.

In June 2021, Kim's weight had attracted a lot of attention. There were various photos that showed a seemingly thinner Kim. North Koreans were worried over 'emaciated' leader Kim's weight loss. This was after citizens got a glimpse of their leader on June 4 after a month-long absence from the public view.

Kim was absent from the public eye for six weeks in 2014 and reappeared walking with a cane, raising speculation he could be suffering from gout. A bandage was seen around his left wrist in November 2015 and a bandage around his finger in June 2019.

Pictures of marks on Kim Jong Un's wrists last year had also triggered speculation that he might have had a medical procedure. There was an apparently bruised or smashed finger during a politburo meeting in June this year. He also had an apparently bruised or smashed finger during a politburo meeting in June 2021.

Social Media Reactions

Meanwhile, Twitter users are expressing their views on the latest news of Kim's bandage as well as the dark spot. There were some humorous and sarcastic comments as well. Few netizens said that Kim Jong Un was heavily inspired by Hitman Absolution.

One Twitter user wrote, "HAA!!! he got abducted by the Aliens!!!! That's where their implant went!! Now he's working for the Aliens!!! ufo drones near our military ships and areas?? Hmmmm."

Another comment read, "This new technique allows scientists to inject healthy nerve cells into damaged brains." One Person wrote, "Could be he is growing a much needed eye in the back of his head."