Kim Jong Un Reappears, Vows to Boost Nuclear Capability of North Korea

  • Attending military meeting is Kim Jong Un's first public appearance in three weeks

  • Appearance comes soon after his pal Dennis Rodman said 'something is wrong'

  • Country decides to increase firepower strike ability of the artillery unit

Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hosts military meeting touted as his first public appearance in three weeks. Twitter

Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance in three weeks by hosting a military meeting. The meeting was held to discuss new policies to boost nuclear capabilities of North Korea as the country's talks on denuclearization with the United States have already been stalled.

Kim's appearance comes within a few days after his friend American basketball legend Dennis Rodman refueled speculation about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's absence saying that "something is wrong." The 59-year-old former Detroit Pistons forward forged a unique bond of friendship with the dictator during his trip to Pyongyang in 2013.

Reporting the news, KCNA said Kim Jong Un addressed the Workers' Party's Central Military Commission. This is his first public appearance in three weeks, as he was rarely seen attending any event in the last two months, even when media across the world speculated that he was probably dead.

In the military meeting, North Korea took a decision to reliably contain the persistent big or small military threats from the hostile forces by bolstering armed forces. New policies were proposed to further increase nuclear war deterrence of the nation. The strategic armed forces were decided to be kept in high alert operation. It was also decided to increase the firepower strike ability of the artillery pieces, reported KCNA.

No More Talks on Denuclearization?

Meanwhile, North Korea's talks on reducing its nuclear and missile programs with the US met a dead end with North Korea's multiple missile attacks on South Korea and Japan recently. Already in jeopardy, talks were halted following North Korea's continuing actions of testing and cruise missile launches till April, this year.

However, Kim was seen at least 27 times in various events from January to May last year. But this year, he made only four public appearances in the month of April and May, leading to speculation of his ill health and also death.

No Response From North Korean Media

It can be noted that after rumors of his death spread in media across the world, Kom Jong Un was said to have taken part in the inauguration of Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory on May 11. However, the factory was still under construction when he inaugurated it and needed at least few weeks to complete work.

This event was dubbed as one taken by one of his body doubles. However, North Korean media did not comment either on rumors about Kim Jong Un's death or about the body double issue. So, Kim Jong Un's attendance in the military meeting is considered the major public appearance in two months.

The KCNA report also said that North Korea has taken strict measures against coronavirus. However, the country still claims that there is not even a single case of coronavirus reported in North Korea.