Kim Jong-Un Executes Man; Wife, Son and Daughter Forced to Watch Death By Firing Squad

In another horrifying episode of cruelty, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un executed a man accused of selling CDs of South Korean movies in front of his family. The man, an engineer with a state-owned farming company, was killed by firing squad even as his wife, son and daughter who were forced to stand on the front row of the execution collapsed in shock and grief.

The man, whose last name was Lee, was accused of secretly selling CDs and USB sticks loaded with South Korean films, music and videos.

According to the DailyNK, Lee confessed to his crimes before the execution and admitted to making $5 to $12 from each sale.

Bloodcurdling Details

The execution, the bloodcurdling details of which have come into the open, took place in late April 2021.

execution by firing squad
execution by firing squad Wikimedia Commons

The communist tyrant reportedly ordered around 500 people watch the execution of the man. He was found guilty of anti-socialist element' after he was tried under the "anti-reactionary thought law".

What is Anti-Reactionary Thought Law?

Kim Jong Un
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A note released by the authorities in Gangwon Province said Lee's was the first execution under the law introduced last year. The note also explains why people found guilt of engaging in 'anti-socialist acts' under the anti-reactionary thought law are getting death penalty. "In the past, [people like Lee] were sent to labor or re-education camps. It would be a grave error to believe that you will receive light punishment [for anti-socialist acts]. Such reactionary behavior helps people who are attempting to destroy our socialism. Reactionaries should not be allowed to live without fear in our society," the note said.

It was exactly to instill fear in society that a crowd of 500 people were asked to watch the execution. But in the process, the hapless family of the executed man was forced to witness him dying in a hail of bullets.

Family Members Collapse

"Lee's wife, son, and daughter collapsed where they were standing in the front row of the execution area. While everyone watched, Ministry of State Security officials picked them up and loaded them into a cargo truck with barred windows for transport to a political prisoner camp," the dailyNK reported.

The dead man's body was then thrown into a straw sack and taken to an unknown place. His family members were also bundled and loaded into cargo van and taken to a prison.

"Nowadays, if you are caught watching a South Korean video, you receive a sentence of either life in prison or death, so nobody knows who will be executed next," a source told DailyNK.