Kim Jong Kook reveals too much protein gave him gout

Running Man team headed to Mongolia and Russia next.

Kim Jong-kook Running Man
Kim Jong-kook in SBS's 'Running Man.'

Kim Jong-kook is known to be the fittest member in Running Man and is often referred by the group as "Sparta," for his fit physique and skills during the competitions. Such a physique involves a heavy protein-based diet, but sometimes too much of something can be bad, as was the case with Jong-kook.

Website Soompi notes that on the May 8 broadcast of TV Chosun's Let's Go Where We Want (working title), Kim Jong Kook and his mother were in Vietnam on a trip together. Everything was well, with the mother-son duo having sea-food for dinner. Then steamed shrimp was served but Kim Jong-kook refused to eat it.

Jong-kook explained, "I have gout. It's because I ate too much protein while I was exercising and all."

Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis, characterised by a sudden attack of stinging pain sensation on the joints, usually on a big toe, followed by stiffness and swelling. Over time these attacks harm joints, tendons and other tissues and is the most common in men, notes WebMD.

Jong-kook added, "I suffered for 2 years because I didn't realize that it was gout. I just thought I hurt myself. The doctor misdiagnosed it, so I didn't know it was gout. They only measured the uric acid levels and said it wasn't gout, but apparently you can get gout from high cholesterol as well."

Kim Jong-kook created controversy on 'Running Man' recently when he made a sexist remark regarding women. Girl group SISTAR's Hyorin asked Jong-kook about the qualities he seeks in his ideal woman, to which he replied that most men prefer shorter women and added that he doesn't feel that tall women are very women-like. Fans and viewers slammed him for the statement across social media.

Meanwhile, Running Man, which was under the scanner recently for Haha's crotch-grabbing incident, is headed towards Mongolia and Russia. Soompi notes that on May 10, a representative of the variety show confirmed, "The members of 'Running Man' will be dividing into two teams and heading to Mongolia and Russia. This will be a continuation of their 'global project,' and they will be heading out between May 14 and May 15."

The next episode of 'Running Man' airs on May 14.

This article was first published on May 10, 2017