Kim Jin Kyung says her ideal type is 'manly men'

Kim Jin Kyung dished what she wants in her man.

Kim Jin Kyung
Kim Jin Kyung has opened up about her ideal type Instagram/jinkyung3_3

Kim Jin Kyung has opened up about her ideal type. During an episode of Sports Chosun, the South Korean model dished what she wants in her man.

Jin Kyung said: "I think I like 'sang-namja's (manly men). A guy who is charming in a cool/cold way. For example, I like the type who [throws you a present and] says, 'Here, I just found this on the way'. I like to have my heart racing so I like guys who actually take care of you without showing it."

Adding on, Jin Kyung revealed she is happy with her appearance. She said: "I think all girls find it hard to be satisfied with their face. Honestly, there are a lot of places that come to my mind [concerning my looks]. I should be grateful for what I have, but I don't think I can say that I'm 100% satisfied."

Previously, Jin Kyung had revealed she felt disappointed about leaving South Korean reality show, We Got Married. In an interview with Newsen, Jin Kyung admitted she was sad she had to "breakup" with her on-screen husband, Jota, and the producers of the show. She said: "We've become really close. Disappointment is big because I've spent a joyful time with Jota oppa and the producers for about 6 months. It's upsetting to leave but I was able to have a happy time because of the many good memories."