Kim Jin Kyung revealed how she felt about 'breaking up' with Jota

Kim Jin Kyung expressed how disappointed she was when she had to "breakup" with her on-screen husband, Jota.

Model Kim Jin Kyung and MADTOWN's Jota are the new couple to debut on reality tv show We Got Married Facebook/MadtownJota

Kim Jin Kyung has revealed how she felt about leaving South Korean reality show, We Got Married.

In an interview with Newsen, Jin Kyung expressed how disappointed she was when she had to "breakup" with her on-screen husband, Jota, and the producers of the show. She admitted it is mainly because she developed a really good relationship with all of them.

She said: "We've become really close. Disappointment is big because I've spent a joyful time with Jota oppa and the producers for about 6 months. It's upsetting to leave but I was able to have a happy time because of the many good memories."

Adding on, the model also shared how it was like working with Jota. She said: "Jota oppa is 3 years older than me but unlike the guys his age, he was very dependable and polite. He's a person who is very considerate of not just me but everyone. He makes me wonder if another person nice as him exists in the world. He's that much nice and a really pure person. And because he's so naive, he was accepting whenever I made jokes on him."

Jin Kyung also revealed that they agreed to stay in touch. She added: "We decided to keep in contact. We'll ask each other about how we're doing and stay on good terms."

Jin Kyung and Jota joined We Got Married's fourth season and in May 2016, they started filming for the show. After, almost six months, their on-screen marriage came to an end and on December 3 they officially "broke up".

Jin Kyung is well known for being part of Korea's Next Top Model. On the other hand, Jota is a singer-model who is known for being part of the boy group, Madtown.

This article was first published on December 9, 2016