Is Kim Ji Won the next Kim Tae Hee? See how the actress feels about this tag

Kim Ji Won
South Korean actress, Kim Ji won attained 1 million milestone on social media Facebook

Kim Ji Won is emerging as one of the top actresses of South Korea and has also been voted as one of the most beautiful actresses.

Kim Ji Won started her career as a model and appeared in various commercials. The 25-year old actress got recognized by the audience through her roles in hit dramas 'To the Beautiful You' and 'The Heirs'.

Kim Ji Won's highlight in her career was her role in the record-breaking hit drama 'Descendants of The Sun'. She worked alongside big names like Song Joong Ki and Song Hye and paired up with Jin Goo in the drama.

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Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo's romance in the drama won many hearts and fans as well.

Kim Ji Won after her initial success was cast as one of the main leads in ' Fight My Way' alongside actor Park Seo Joon. The show has been voted as one of the best dramas of the year 2017.

After her numerous successes, she has been declared as the next 'Hallyu' goddess. However, Kim Ji Won is still unfamiliar with her popularity and she also gets surprised when people call her the next Kim Tae Hee who is one of the biggest stars of Korea.

Kim Ji Won said, "I don't think my facial features were ever the focus in the media". She continues laughing away and says, "Am I talking nonsense? People always gave attention to my characters, which I feel thankful for."

According to Soompi awards current vote status, people have voted Kim Ji Won as the actress of the year.

The rising star has also been cast in the upcoming drama " Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead".

The director shared why he chose Kim Ji Won and said, "For the film, we needed an actress who could not only do a period film but also one who could take on a romantic comedy role. We started looking for actresses in their 20s from when we first started the script."

He explained that the production team had Kim Ji Won in mind as they worked on the finishing touches for the script, which was even before her drama "Fight My Way" had aired.

Director Kim Suk Yoon further shared, "We also thought that there had to be ways for Kim Ji Won to challenge herself as an actress in the film. We were excited as we prepared the script, and we put in things that she would be good at as well as things she could challenge herself in."

The drama is a comedy story of three detectives as they team up to investigate and solve mysterious crime cases. Kim Ji Won will play the role of a maiden with amnesia and supernatural strength.

Kim Ji Won also recently appeared on 'Night Goblin' as a guest and visited popular spots in Seoul with the cast members.

The actress had lots of fun in the show and also played the game 'Ideal Type World Cup' where she had to choose her ideal type from her past co-stars.

She chose Kim Ji Won from upcoming drama" Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead " over Park Seo Joon from 'Fight my way.

Fans were quite disappointed as they ship Ji Won and Seo Joon often but soon got over it when Pak Seo Joon came to support Kim Ji Won at Detective K V.IP premiere.

This article was first published on February 3, 2018
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