Actor Kim Hyun Joong is likely to take a leave from his military duties to attend his second trial on July 8. The actor is currently facing a 1.6 billion KRW compensatory damages suit filed by his ex-girlfriend.

As per Hyu Joong's attorney, the lawsuit is set to proceed privately with interrogation of witnesses on Friday morning. Hyun Joong and his former girlfriend, Choi, will attend the court trial and argue their case at 2pm on the same day.

In the recent development of the case, Choi's friend, Im, is stated to appear as a newest witness in the case against the actor. It is said that the attester is very close to the victim and talks to her on daily basis.

Elaborating the series of incidences, Im shared that she was shocked to learn of Hyu Joong's forcing Choi to abort her pregnancy multiple times. She told Allkpop: "Back in summer of 2012, I first heard about their relationship from Choi. Then in July of 2013, Choi told me that she aborted Kim Hyun Joong's child. I've never met with him myself though. Then in May of 2014, I was shocked to hear Choi telling me that she is once again pregnant with his baby. She said she was scared, because she has already gone through one abortion, but Kim Hyun Joong told her to abort the baby again. I was mad, and I was also there for her."

Im also told the media outlet that the 30 year old used to abuse Choi physically. She added that she has even seen Choi in miserable state with bruises all over the body. " In June of the same year, I heard that Kim Hyun Joong violently hit Choi. I asked her why, and she said it's because she demanded they break up after finding out that he's slept with girls from adult entertainment bars."

" I couldn't believe that he actually hit her, even if he was extremely mad. Choi's left cheek was swollen, there was a big bruise under her left shoulder, and there were also signs of violence on her chest area," Im asserted.