Kim Ga Bin's Sister Provides Proof, Says Actress is not Dating BIGBANG's T.O.P.

Kim Ga Bin's sister took to Instagram to clarify that the actress and T.O.P. were close friends

Kim Ga Bin and Bigbang's T.O.P.
Kim Ga Bin's sister refuted reports that claimed Ga Bin was dating Bigbang's T.O.P. Instagram

The news of actress Kim Ga Bin, also known as Kim Gavin, dating BIGBANG's T.O.P. made headlines on Wednesday. But refuting the rumors, Ga Bin's sister provided proof and said that the celebrities are surely not dating.

Various photos were shared on social media platforms, saying that Ga Bin and T.O.P. were dating. The photos included both Kim Ga Bin and Bigbang's T.O.P. wearing matching pajamas. Other similarities were similar light lamps in the room, matching shoes etc.

Kim Ga Bin and Bigbang's T.O.P.
Kim Ga Bin and T.O.P. wearing matching shoes? Instagram

The agencies representing both celebrities refused to confirm the news. But Ga Bin's sister took to social media to provide proof that her sister was not dating T.O.P. Accordingly, Ga Bin's sister took to her Instagram account to refute the claims.

She clarified that Ga Bin and T.O.P. were close friends. Further giving details she said: "I can tell you with confidence that they are not in a relationship. From what I know, they became friends while meeting at a gathering with other actors."

She said that Ga Bin uploaded photos from her trips and outings with friends. "She thought it was alright to upload photos. But I had told her to take them down as they might lead to false rumous. May be I should not have asked her to take down those pictures," she said.

Refuting claims made using numerous photographs, Ga Bin's sister explained the circumstances photos in question.

Ga Bin instagram
Kim Ga Bin's sister posted these photos to clarify her point. Instagram

No Truth in photographs?

Explaining the situation when the photos were clicked, she said that she herself had taken the pictures of her sister during the trip. She also said that items like pajama and light lamp were brought by her for Ga Bin. The items are popular and were purchased separately (by Ga Bin and T.O.P.) and relating them for using these photos was not right.

"I clicked these photos of Ga Bin during a family trip. I went to Venus to buy lingerie with her and purchased the pajamas for her. It is a very popular pajama," she said slamming the reporters for linking it as matching pajamas with T.O.P.'s outfit.

Kim Ga Bin and Bigbang's T.O.P.
Kim Ga Bin and T.O.P. wearing matching pajamas? Instagram

She further said that fans of T.O.P. can go to Venus and purchase the same pajamas. Do I need to show you my receipt? Do I need to search who wore what pajama before I decide to buy one," Ga Bin's sister asked.

Chinese Media Fuelled Dating Rumors

Kim Ga Bin and Bigbang's T.O.P.
Kim Ga Bin and Bigbang's T.O.P. at a party Instagram

The report of Ga Bin and T.O.P. was first published in Sina, one of the Chinese media outlets. It claimed that KPOP star T.O.P. was dating 'Love Catcher 2' contestant Kim Ga Bin since last year. One of the photos provided as proof by Sina was T.O.P. putting his arms around Ga Bin while posing for a photo.

But Ga Bin's sister also posted pictures which show that T.O.P. and Ga Bin had visited similar places and had similar items during their trips, but had not gone together.

Reacting to the same, T.O.P.'s agency YG Entertainment said that it was their personal life and asked the fans to be understanding as they cannot confirm the details. Ga Bin is represented by SM C&C also put out a similar statement and said "Please be understanding as we cannot confirm the report."