Kim Eu Sung took up Han Hyo Joo's father role to meet her often

Actor Kim Eu Sung has acted in dozen of movies till date.

Actor Kim Eu Sung, who is the reel life creator of webtoon W, shared his filming experience recently. The 50-year-old revealed that he exclusively took up the drama in order to meet pretty Han Hyo Joo often.

Eun Sung was apparently called to cast for some other role in the beginning, however, team offered him the role of Hyo Joo's father, thereafter. During his interview with Allkpop, the actor stated: "[The reason I said I'd do it] is because I thought, if I'm Han Hyo Joo's dad, then I'll get to see Han Hyo Joo often, and I thought a webtoon creator would be fun to do too. So I said sure, and didn't realize how big things would get. But from episodes 9 or 10, I started having the mentality of, 'what am I doing'."

The veteran actor who has appeared in dozen of movies till date, faced some tough time filming. While he rejoiced his character, the role was 'hard physically and mentally': "Normally, I'm not the type to fall into a character after acting him for a while, but this time, it was a personal burden. Especially after the criminal died. I found it very difficult that this character was someone who'd tried to kill his daughter. I don't have a daughter and I certainly don't have any experience like that, so I had to portray a feeling that I had no idea what to make of," Eun Sung relayed.

Meanwhile, the Six Flying Dragons actor will be taking a break before he heads for his next project. "I understand that my next project is also important. I think I'll have to be more careful in choosing it," he added.