Kim Cattrall to Return as Samantha Jones from 'Sex and The City' for Season 2 of 'And Just Like That' Despite Falling Out With Sarah Jessica Parker

The filming was so secretive that Cattrall came in an SUV with blacked-out windows to help keep inquisitive eyes away from her low-key shoot.

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Kim Cattrall will unexpectedly return as Samantha Jones from 'Sex And The City' for the second season of the spin-off 'And Just Like That', despite her explosive feud with star Sarah Jessica Parker. However, Cattrall, 66, will only appear in one "cliffhanger" scene, which she shot on March 22 in New York City, Variety reported.

Cattrall did not interact with the actors SJP, Cynthia Nixon, or Kristin Davis during this time, the outlet reported. Additionally, the scene wasn't directed by 'And Just Like That' showrunner Michael Patrick King. In the scene, Parker's Carrie Bradshaw will speak on the phone with Samantha, who has relocated to London.

Shock and Surprise

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall Twitter

In a startling turn of events, insiders said that Cattrall made a very "hush-hush" cameo with no paper trail to alert the show's crew in advance — her name never even appeared on a call sheet — leaving many people surprised behind the scenes, the New York Times reported.

Show staffers were "definitely shocked, very intrigued on how they're gonna write this in — and very excited," they said, the source told the outlet. "She said she'd never do it! She said she'd never come back!"

A source said that Cattrall's scene was filmed in March in a town vehicle in a parking garage close to Silvercup Studios in Queens, where interiors for the series are shot. However, details about Cattrall's "completely" secretive appearance are slim.

The filming was so secretive that Cattrall came in an SUV with blacked-out windows to help keep inquisitive eyes away from her low-key shoot.

Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall
Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall in Sex and The City Twitter

Season 2 of the recently renamed Max will launch with 11 episodes on June 22, coincidentally (or perhaps not) on the same day that Cattrall's queer-themed Netflix series "Glamorous" premieres.

"And Just Like That" has not yet been officially confirmed to have a third season.

According to a source, the show was planning to have a 10-episode second season with the tagline, "New beginnings are in season," but instead decided to split the finale into two parts.

"The fact that they're keeping it very hush-hush says that there's some implication that she might be coming back — not this season, but it's definitely a cliffhanger that's gonna get people to come back for Season 3," an insider told The Post of Cattrall's cameo.

Strange Development

Cattrall was dressed for the scene by Patricia Field, the costume designer for Sex And The City but not AJLT. Samantha did appear in the first season of AJLT, but only via text messaging as a result of Carrie's persistent attempts to mend their friendship.

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall Twitter

Insiders told The Post that they were uncertain as to whether Samantha's comeback will take place in Britain or in New York City, her former provocative playground.

Even worse, she and Parker have been exchanging insults ever since the 2010 release of the second sequel movie.

The alleged animosity appears to have started after Cattrall reportedly denied appearing in a third "Sex and the City" film and implied that she and her co-stars "were never friends" and only shared scenes together.

The situation seemed to worsen after Parker contacted Cattrall on social media after the death of her brother in 2018.

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall with Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City Twitter

"I don't need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker," responded Cattrall.

"Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven't already) You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I'm writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your 'nice girl' persona," Cattrall shot back.

According to a 2009 New York magazine article, the two stars of the 2010 sequel movie were already "no longer speaking" on the set.

"The common ground that we had was the series and the series is over," Cattrall also told Piers Morgan in October 2017. "Sarah Jessica, she could have been nicer, she could have in some way. I don't know what her issue is, I never have."

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall Twitter

Parker, though, has maintained that there was never any animosity between her and Cattrall.

"I don't have a disagreement with Kim [Cattrall], there's no catfight," she told the outlet in 2018. "I've never said anything publicly, nor would I. I've only ever expressed admiration and gratitude for everything she contributed — and I still feel that way."

However, Cattrall repeatedly flatly rejected the idea of the most glamorous quartet from New York City coming back together.

This article was first published on June 1, 2023