Kim Byung Man undergoes surgery for spinal fracture injury in US

Kim Byung Man got injured on July 20 in the when he was practicing for an upcoming Korean international skydiving competition.

Kim Byung Man
Kim Byung Man (foreground, third from right ) with the cast members of Law of the Jungle in Komodo. SBS

"Law of the Jungle" star Kim Byung Man underwent surgery in the US after he sustained spinal fracture injury while doing skydiving training.

His agency, SM C & C, said that the 41-year-old actor got injured on July 20 in the US as he was "participating in a team training exercise after earning a tandem skydiving license for an upcoming Korean international skydiving competition."

"It was during this training session that he sustained an injury while landing due to the wind suddenly changing directions," the agency added, Soompi reported.

Immediately after the accident, Kim Byung Man was taken to a hospital for treatment.

SM C & C said fortunately, he did not suffer any nerve damage. Following the surgery, he will stay in the US for up to two weeks for rehabilitation and recovery before flying back to South Korea.

Because of the accident, it would take up to two months for him to heal. All his upcoming activities have been suspended until his recovery.

As for "Law of the Jungle," Korean TV channel SBS said there will be no problem as filming for the Komodo episodes has already finished

"We also have approximately a month's worth of material filmed for 'Clench Your Fist and Blow the Boat Horn' as well," SBS added.

It said that "what is most important is Kim Byung Man's recovery. We will discuss future matters at a later date."

The "Law of the Jungle" in Komodo Island in Indonesia started airing on July 21 and it features Kim Byung Man, Song Jae Hee, Kangnam Mingyu of Seventeen, Yang Dong-geun, Lee Wan, EXID's Hani and Jo Jeong-sik.

The first episode showed the members flying to Komodo Island. Actress Kim Tae Hee, who is pregnant with her first baby, called Kim Byung Man regarding his brother Lee Wan.

"Please take good care of my younger brother," she told him, according to AllKpop.

He then invited her to be on the TV program.

"We hope for your safe delivery and when you're in better condition later on, please appear in the 'couple special' in the near future," he said to which Kim Tae Hee replied, "I am an avid viewer of 'Law of the Jungle'."